NHI Database

The most important health data is National Health Insurance(NHI) Database, which has competitive advantages to contribute thousands of academic papers:

  1. Taiwan’s National Health Insurance is a single payer system, which standardizes payment procedures and data formats
  2. Collect health insurance claim data for 23 million residents in Taiwan( Coverage > 99%)
  3. Longitudinal data accumulated since 1998
  4. Great resource for rare disease study
  5. Minimize selection bias and recall bias

NHI database covers the following information:

  • Demographic & Enrolment information
  • Pharmacy dispensing (outpatient AND inpatient)
  • Diagnosis(ambulatory care, emergency care and in-patient)
  • Procedures (radiology, endoscopy, surgery …)
  • Dental care
  • Selected traditional Chinese medicine consultation and medication