Course Overview

Introduction of Database (Introduction, I series)
Recommended target: first time users of health data

  • Understand related resource of health data files.
  • Stimulate students’ creativity of health data application through real case studies by experienced researchers in different research area.

Data Processing and Operation Practice (Programming, P series)
Recommended target: first time users or elementary users of health data with limited experience

  • Understand data processing logics and common syntax of large-scale health database.
  • Demonstrate case studies and carry out in-class exercises to train students to have the capability of data cleaning and processing by using statistical software and skillsets to set up the necessary variables and conduct data analysis.

Research and Statistical Analysis Methods (Methods, M series)
Study Design of Large-scale Health Database
Recommended target: Interested in utilizing health data with no training of study design

  • Understand common study design of large-scale health database.
  • Introduce various case studies of different study design and research areas, and also help student to understand how to utilize health data in different research fields.