NTU Health Data Research Center will design essential educational training program to help users efficiently utilize health database, and maximize the benefit of health database to achieve the following objectives:

  • Assist elementary users from different areas of expertise to understand core knowledge and skills of using a large-scale health database.
  • Help current users to improve efficiency regarding utilizing health database.
  • Develop high-quality and applicable researches, In addition, educate and train the talents to turn health informatics analysis into the practice of healthcare management and medical and policy.
  • Cultivate research methodology, data analysis and programing skills of large-scale health database application.

To achieve our goal, we will organize a series of workshops and seminars to assist those who are interested in utilizing health database to deeply understand the content and potential opportunity of health database. Additionally, we will help to cultivate users’ core knowledge and skills and also develop their potential of utilizing health data.

Regarding the required skills of health data utilization, the training program will be divided into three courses, including introduction of database (Introduction, I series), data processing and operation practices (Programming, P Series) and research and statistical analysis methods (Methods, M series). Different courses represent different type of knowledge and skills. We will provide further training courses or specific workshop depending on users’ feedback and needs in the future. Each course consists of lectures, case studies and discussion to maximize the learning outcomes.